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Audit is one of the basic tools for assessing the effectiveness of management system’s functioning. Due diligence on the other hand is the process aimed at accessing the risk connected to a certain transaction or a process  Our team advises Clients in the following areas especially in the financial services industry:

  • performing audits in operational, legal, compliance and risk management areas especially in the financial services industry;

  • designing audit plans based on risk assessment;

  • organizing and setting up an internal audit system and audit function;

  • designing systems of management information connected to audits;

  • setting up audit committees within the organization or within the Supervisory Board;

  • assessing effectiveness of audit systems;

  • performing due diligence processes improving the decision making process;

  • performing due diligence processes before and after transactions and m&a processes;

  • preparation of audit policies, procedures and manuals;

  • designing audit functions in international capital groups. 

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