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The blockchain or dlt technology  enjoys growing interest among clients and industries  in Poland and abroad. More and more Europeans see advantage of distributed ledger, some of them also trade cryptocurrencies and not only Bitcoin but also other coins such as Riple, Ethereum and many more. More and more clients also participate in ICO processes.


Blockchain itself may be the same for the next decade as the Internet was in late 1990s. Blockchain or dlt technology usage is growing in trade and finance. Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising companies present on the cryptocurrency market and using technologies such as blockchain in their operations. We advised on matters such as:

  • Obtaining licenses for cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency e-wallets;

  • Implementation of AML-anti-money laundering processes for trading and intermediary companies in the cryptocurrency industry;

  • Legal aspects of mining and trading in cryptocurrencies on the retail and professional market;

  • Futures contracts and other derivative instruments based on cryptocurrency prices;

  • Exchange of cryptocurrencies for FIAT currencies and legal aspects related to this;

  • Relations and agreements of cryptocurrency companies with banks;

  • Criminal legal aspects related to trading in cryptocurrencies;

  • Payment services on the cryptocurrency market;

  • Legal aspects of using dlt and blockchain technologies;

  • Personal data protection in blockchain technology;

  • Relations with regulators and public administration in the area of ​​blockchain technology implementation;

  • The practical use of blockchain in the financial market (registers, bills, accounting, transaction settlement, records, data protection).

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