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Nowadays the business on the retail market is primarily online. The key is the acquisition of the so-called leads, and then conversion of those leads to real clients. In order for the process to be as effective as possible, the company offering on-line services has to perfect the marketing and client's onboarding processes, then refine those processes and retention as much as possible so that the customer can use the services or buy goods for as long as possible. The legal requirements are a considerable problem in the proper arrangement of these processes, especially in financial services and heavy regulated areas. Our law firm has extensive experience in providing legal services to entrepreneurs running on-line business. We advise our clients in particular on the following issues:

  • Regulations and contractual arrangements for on-line services;

  • Regulations the provision of electronic services;

  • Analysis and implementation of paperless processes to enable your company to operate fully electronically;

  • Introducing customer onboarding processes fully on-line;

  • KYC know your client processes and AML fully online;

  • Signing contracts on line;

  • On-line and social marketing;

  • Commercial correspondence sent electronically;

  • Optimization of online processes in terms of legal requirements;

  • Agreements with companies providing payment services, fast payments and other payment processors;

  • Agreements with companies providing payment and credit cards.

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