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Some of our interesting projects and clients:

Convertible bonds and subscription warrants' emission of a public company


Pflaw was engaged in the process of investment in bonds convertible to shares and subscription warrants  of a Polish public company from technology industry. The value of the investment is approx. 42,5 mln PLN. The emission is a private placement PIPE investment. Pflaw represents the investor, a boutique international alternative investment firm. The process will entail a prospectus proceeding before PFSA (KNF). PFlaw is engaged in the process of negotiating the investment agreement and emission terms and...

Estonian AML regulations


Pflaw was engaged in the process of analyzing Estonian AML regulations for a planned  investment in an Estonian company from a Fintech and DLT technology industry. The lawyers of pflaw were analyzing Estonian regulations, guidances and recommendations of local supervisory and financial intelligence authorities. The effect of the project is a practical momorandum outlining the necessary actions, procedures and reporting in order to comply with Estonian AML/CFT regulations...

Auditing compliance of a Polish bank with the EU Regulation 565/2017, Decrees of the Polish Ministry of Finance and PFSA guidelines.

Pflaw was involved in the process of auditing a large Polish banking goup's compliance with the EU Regulation 565/2017, Decrees of the Polish Ministry of Finance and PFSA guidelines. The process included reviewing the documents and information presented to the clients of the bank as well as internal policies, manuals, marketing materials and evaluation algorithms. The result of the audit was a comprehensive report red flaging the potential risk areas together with the detailed recommendations of the suggested changes

Implementation of cloud computing and outsourcing requirements

Pflaw was involved in the process of negotiating a contract with a technology provider operating on the basis of cloud computing technology. The process includes adjusting the contract to the Communication of the Office of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority regarding the use by supervised entities of data processing services in the cloud

Comparative legal analysis of Poland and UK regulations

PFlaw has been involved in the preparation of comparative legal analysis of Poland and UK laws regarding selected brokerage services. The analysis included a comparison of Polish laws and regulations with the UK regulations and the Handbook od Financial Conduct Authority. The analysis is prepared for the purpose of notification of the intention to

Applying for a PSD2 license

The pflaw was involved in the application process for an authorisation to operate as a payment institution by a subsidiary of a well-known Polish financial holding. Our lawyers actively participate in the work of an international group of lawyers and experts, ensuring the preparation of the necessary documentation for the licensing process and

Legal advisory in the process of acquiring a liquidity provider

Pflaw  advises an international capital group in the process of extending brokerage activities with new services and markets. Our consultancy includes the process of finding an investment bank that will provide the client with liquidity and custody services on selected EU and US markets...

Analysis of requirements for acquisition of a foreing brokerage house

The pflaw has been involved in the preparation of an analysis of the possibilities and costs of acquiring a brokerage house on the territory of the European Union for an international company selling transaction technology. The analysis includes the costs of running investment firm’s business, staffing requirements, the ability and requirements of outsourcing

Compliance with KNF guidelines on OTC derivatives

The pflaw has been involved in assessing the adaptation of a foreign investment company operating in Poland to the guidelines and positions of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority regarding trading in derivative financial instruments on the OTC market, the so-called “forex” market. The evaluation will include, among others, compliance of the investment firm

Advising in the process of acquisition of a foreign brokerage house


Lawyers of pflaw advise on the acquisition of a foreign brokerage house by a subsidiary of a well-known Polish financial group. The law firm’s services consist of finding a seller, negotiating a share purchase agreement and escrow agreement, regulatory advice during the process of obtaining a permit to acquire a brokerage house (change of

Implementation of the AML4 Directive

Lawyers of pflaw were involved in the process of implementing in the financial institution theprocess of counteracting money laundering and financing of terrorism in accordance with the requirements of the AMLD4 implemented into the Act on Counteracting Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. The project involved the preparation of the AML procedure and the AML

Advising company active in the “wearables” industry

The lawyers of the pflaw were pleased to advise the client on legal issues related to the planned debut of an innovative service, enabling – using the mobile app – comparing the results of physical activity between users of popular sports applications and promoting a healthy lifestyle by rewarding physically active people with

Implementation of GDPR in the companies active in “big data”

The pflaw advised in adjusting the activities of start-up companies to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). Our lawyers advised clients on the preparation and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the GDPR, including the adoption of the Data Protection Impact Assessment. The adjustment covered issues such


Cross border migration of the company

The lawyers of pflaw  were engaged in the first process of cross border migration of the exchange listed company from Cyprus to Poland. The migration is based on the regulation both Poland and Cyprus and the judgement of several cases recognized before the Court of Justice of European Union earlier European Court of Justice. The

Applying for PSD2 license for an ewallet fx exchange

The lawyers of pflaw were engaged in the processs of setting up an international currency exchange together with a e-wallet for a well known financial holding based on the PSD2 regime. The process focuses on finding the best localization for the exchange. The aspects that are analyzed focus in particular on the PSD2 licensing requirements


Implementing GDPR

The lawyers of pflaw have successfully implemented GDPR regulation in several enterprises including a company from financial, construction and e-commerce industry. The implementation focused on aspects of personal data protection such as designing personal data and IT systems’ security policies, including business continuity processes and appointing the personal data officer. The lawyers advised


Localization of a crypto currency exchange

The lawyers of pflaw advised on the potential best localization for the blockchain exchange. The analysis focused on several localizations from the EEA including Estonia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Malta, Luxembourg, Gibraltar. The aspects that were analyzed focused in particular on the PSD2 licensing requirements, licensing time, licensing costs, substance organizational and functional requirements, functioning costs- including

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