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Each company can become a victim of blackmail, hacking, data theft or attempted extortion. However, not only such events can trigger a crisis and negatively affect your business. It may also be an event such as an unexpected inspection of administrative bodies or the operation of law enforcement agencies. The effects of such crisis events can be counteracted and even completely neutralized by managing them appropriately and undertaking coordinated actions quickly enough. Our lawyers have practical experience and advised on a number of crisis events such as:

  • Hacker attacks, ddos ​​attacks etc;

  • Theft or loss of data such as personal data;

  • Blackmail, by third parties or employees;

  • Kidnapping and attempts to extort ransom;

  • Disputes between partners, shareholders, employees;

  • Theft of money or equipment;

  • Law enforcement activities;

  • Controls of public administration bodies;

  • Penalties and sanctions imposed by public administration bodies;

  • Hostile takeovers, squeeze out;

  • Information obligations in the event of crisis events, including stock market reporting;

  • Consulting in the field of cooperation with PR agencies;

  • Relations with journalists.

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