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Our law firm advises companies in the area of ​​personal data protection and information security. We have practical experience in implementing security processes of personal data and security of IT systems. We advise clients in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive audits of the organization including IT processes and systems in terms of personal data processing and personal data security, also in terms of the EU GDPR regulation;

  • Implementing the personal data protection system and data security system in the organization;

  • Adaptation of companies to GDPR;

  • Creating internal procedures and processes aimed at data protection, including personal data security policy, information security policy;

  • Creating BCP processes and procedures;

  • Registration of processing activities, data sets;

  • Registration and support for ABI and Data Protection Inspector;

  • Controls of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection GIODO or the State Office for Personal Data Protection, PUODO;

  • Transactions on personal data and personal data bases;

  • Processing of personal data in the cloud “cloud computing”;

  • Transfer of personal data outside the EEA;

  • Profiling and automatic decision making, including AI (artificial intelligence) processes with the use of personal data;

  • On-line marketing and direct marketing using personal data;

  • Contracts entrusting the processing of personal data.

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