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Lawyers from the pflaw firm have extensive experience in the implementation and operation of compliance systems in entities operating in a demanding regulatory environment. We advised companies such as financial institutions, technology companies and companies acquiring EU funding, and many others in the process of creating and functioning of compliance systems adjusted in terms of costs and complexity to the size of the organization. Our advice includes:

  • Ongoing compliance advice;

  • Identification of the risks of non-compliance with the organization's internal laws and regulations;

  • Designing compliance systems;

  • Creating internal procedures;

  • Monitoring of the compliance systems' operation;

  • Creating a compliance function in the organization "compliance function";

  • Creating a reporting system of compliance and so-called management information;

  • Creating processes for monitoring changes in legal regulations and guidelines of public administration bodies;

  • Creating processes regarding the so-called "Whistleblowers";

  • Adjusting and implementation of regulatory changes in companies and organizations.

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