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Foreign expansion & business opportunities

Thanks to our international business experience and history we have developed strong business ties, friendships and relationships abroad. We can find a business opportunity for you on request, help you to expand abroad and give you a unique practical business insight in particular in: UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal,  Poland, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, China. We can help You there with:

  • seeking of transaction and business opportunities;

  • looking for licensing and regulatory opportunities ;

  • finding off the shelf companies, investment firms, payment services and and other financial services licenses;

  • finding dormant financial services companies with licenses ;

  • finding cost effective white label  or SaaS technology solutions and platforms for financial services, e-wallets, ecn systems, cryptocurrency business, regulatory reporting and clearing;

  • finding and designing regulatory compliant and cost effective outsourcing solutions of key  stuff and crucial processes, systems and technology for financial services;

  • contacts to cost effective and flexible liquidity providers, animators, execution brokers, custodians, clearing houses, ccps and trade repositories for foreign securities, derivatives and other financial services;

  • getting you relationships and contacts to local influencers and decision makers, especially in the financial services and technology industry;

  • helping you to understand regulations and the practical aspects of doing business in those jurisdictions;

  • giving you contacts and  deep insight of local top managers, business and industrial associations especially in the financial industry area;

  • seeking for business affiliates.

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