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Lawyers from the pflaw firm have extensive experience in the processes of foreign expansion, restructuring of international capital groups, creation and transformation of companies as well as in broadly understood corporate advisory. We advise, among others in processes and transactions such as:

  • Setting up foreign and domestic companies and branches;

  • Restructuring and building of capital groups together with designing profit distribution and operations schemes;

  • Building motivation programs for employees and managers;

  • Creation, transformation and liquidation of capital, personal and civil companies in Poland and abroad;

  • Cross-border transfer processes and merger of companies;

  • Designing contracts and company statutes;

  • Advising in the process of shaping corporate governance in companies (management board, supervisory board, audit committee, general shareholders meeting);

  • Creating regulations of the management board, supervisory board, general shareholders meeting;

  • Ongoing corporate consultancy (meetings and resolutions of the management board, supervisory board, shareholders, general shareholders meetings);

  • Investment agreements and agreements between shareholders;

  • Recording of corporate events in commercial registry courts;

  • Legal disputes of a corporate nature.

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